In Lvov, a chain of famous hotels paid taxes to Russia


In Lviv, a chain of famous hotels paid Russian taxes

Through a criminal scheme, a chain of well-known hotels paid taxes to the Russian budget. However, law enforcement officers managed to stop the cash flow, which would later be converted into Russian weapons.

Thanks to the intervention of law enforcement officers, the corporate rights of a network of famous hotels and real estate were arrested in Lviv. The ultimate beneficiary of these assets is a Russian citizen.

Details of the criminal scheme

First of all, the Office of the Prosecutor General emphasized that a pre-trial investigation into criminal proceedings is now underway on the facts of legalization of property obtained by criminal means and official forgery.

The investigation found out that in order to withdraw money for border, a whole scheme was devised in which offshore companies were involved. Namely:

  1. officials of the LLC, which includes a chain of hotels, at the direction of the beneficial owner, withdrew funds to the accounts of offshore Cypriot companies;
  2. to do this, they entered into a number of fictitious contracts;
  3. the profit received from the activities of hotels they were sent through banking and financial institutions as a salary to the Russian owner.

Thus, taxes were paid to the state budget of the aggressor country and sent to finance the war in Ukraine.

Pay attention.Neither the name of the hotel chain nor the ultimate beneficiary was named by the Office of the Prosecutor General. significant, namely more than 55 million hryvnia. In particular, the arrest was made on:

  • corporate rights of a network of well-known hotels for a total amount of more than 15.5 million hryvnias;
  • real estate objects, namely a recreation center, a land plot and residential building.

Law enforcement officers are taking measures to transfer the arrested person to the management of the Agency for the Investigation and Management of Assets.

The arrest of Russian property in Ukraine: latest news

  • The SBU in the Lviv region arrested the land plots of Oksana Marchenko on 2 million hryvnia. According to law enforcers, these plots were illegally owned by the odious Marchenko, so they will be transferred to state ownership.
  • On September 14, it became known that property of Belarusian and Russian enterprises collaborating with the aggressor country was arrested in Ukraine. The amount of movable and immovable property seized is about UAH 324 million.
  • Corporate rights and property of enterprises of the ex-deputy of the State Duma of Russia were also arrested in Ukraine. The amount is impressive, because it is more than 1 billion hryvnia. The arrest was made on corporate rights and 25 real estate objects of enterprises that are one of the largest producers of paper and cardboard in Ukraine.

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