In Mariupol there was a “clap” in the barracks with 200 occupiers


There was a

Bavovnyatko flew to the barracks of the invaders in Mariupol on January 24. It is known that at that time there were more than 200 invaders at the site of the defeat.

At present, the exact number of liquidated is unknown. However, according to Mariupol Mayor's adviserPyotr Andryushchenko, there are quite a few of them.

“To be continued”: Andryushchenko spoke about fresh “cotton” in Mariupol

Around 18:00 on January 24, “cotton” arrived at the barracks of the occupiers in Mariupol. Note that this is the same position of the invaders, which was marked with the inscription “Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine” the day before.

According to the mayor's adviser, everything was in smoke at the scene, ambulances and rescuers arrived. Petr Andryushchenko added that this was already the second arrival in a day – in the morning the “cotton” hit 150 closer to the Kalmius police department.

More than 200 invaders of Caucasian appearance, Dagestanis or Kadyrovtsy, were based in this barracks. It is not yet possible to establish the number of losses of the enemy, but there are no doubts that they are rather big, – the adviser shared.

“There is no panic”: how the Russian authorities are preparing for the “claps”

  • For the Russians, everything is going so “according to plan” that three Pantsir-S1 air defense systems have already been installed around the Kremlin. Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak reacted to this and asked if the President of Russia and his secretary would like to explain to the Russians the concept of a “3-day special operation”, in which air defense is being strengthened in Moscow for the 11th month of the war.
  • Except In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense conducted special air defense exercises in the Moscow region. More than 30 pieces of equipment and 150 people were involved in it.
  • Probably, the Russian leadership is afraid of Ukrainian drones, which, in their opinion, are supplying “pops” from Ukraine. In particular, they recently flew to Ryazan, which is located just 200 kilometers from the capital of the aggressor.

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