In Moscow, air defense began to be installed on the roofs: the network is torn with jokes and memes


Air defense systems have started to be installed on rooftops in Moscow: the network is being torn apart by jokes and memes

In almost a year of full-scale war, the Kremlin has moved from “taking Kyiv in 3 days” to installing air defense systems on the roofs of buildings in Moscow . This caused a wave of memes and jokes among Ukrainians.

We have collected for you the best jokes about the notorious Russian air defense on the rooftops of Moscow. Read more about how Ukrainians joke about the events in the capital of the aggressor country in the articleChannel 24.

“There is no panic, everything is according to plan”

Whatever happens, the Kremlin always repeats everything that goes according to plan. That is, the enemy’s plan was to defeat near Kyiv, defeat in Kherson and Kharkov region, powerful sanctions, etc. Now the plan is to defend Moscow and the 11th month of the “three-day capture of Kyiv”.

Therefore, air defense on the roofs of buildings in the Russian capital caused a wave of laughter in the network. More memes appeared with the building of the Russian Ministry of Defense, because it was there that they saw the installed air defense system.

I would like to immediately apologize to the authors of the following memes and photo frogs. These images have become so popular on the net that we simply cannot establish authorship.

The Russian Ministry of Defense will protect Moscow in 3 days/Photo from social networks

Protection is different/Photo from social networks

The Ministry of Defense is preparing for a new “special operation”/Photo from social networks

Cats from ” Ukrainian biological laboratories vs Russian air defense/Photo from social networks

Sometimes there are so many questions and so few answers/Photo from social networks

The most reliable protection for the Russian Ministry of Defense/Photo from social networks

Since the Ministry of Defense in Russia is headed by Sergei Shoigu, then netizens “took care” of protecting his estate.

“Let's protect Shoigu's estate in 3 days”/Photo from social networks

Well, where without dictator Putin – the bloody face of this war, who on the morning of February 24 confidently spoke of a “special operation”, and now every time he has to come up with more and more lies for the Russians.

The dictator is also protected/Photo from social networks

The legendary Kremlin table is also securely protected/Photo from social networks

The Iron Dome of the Kremlin/Photo from social networks

It is interesting that the Kremlin does not want to comment on the installation of the Pantsir-S1 air defense system on the roof of the Russian Defense Ministry. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov says that journalists should contact the agency that decided to install an air defense system on its roof for comments.

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