In Niagara Falls, a woman drowned in her own car

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In Niagara Falls a woman drowned in her own car

The car was only 45 meters from the edge of the abyss.

Among a popular tourist destination on Niagara Falls right in her car a woman drowned.

This is discussed in TSN.14.00.

The car was only 45 meters away from the edge of the abyss and was already gradually carried away by the current downward. Rescuers immediately rushed to help the woman, they even had to go down to her car from a helicopter, because the current was too fast.

However, the woman was already without signs of life. It is known that she is 60 years old.

While the police and the rescuer cannot explain how the car ended up in the river. It is noted that the roads in the area were slippery due to light snowfall.

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