In Nikolaev, the police conducts an internal investigation: employees have sex in public


In Nikolaev, the police are conducting an internal investigation: officers have sex in public

In Nikolaev, the police became the heroes of an intimate video/Collage of Channel 24

A scandal broke out in Nikolaev involving policemen. They failed to hide their feelings from the masses, for which they will be held responsible.

Residents of Nikolaev filmed police sex in a public place. And not just police officers – one of the participants in the “incident” was the head of the district police department in Mykolaiv district. A video that was filmed by residents of Nikolaev was scattered across the network. According to eyewitnesses, the head of the Mykolaiv district police department had sex with one of his subordinates in a public place.

Intimacy of policemen in a public place: video 18+

On the fact of unworthy behavior of policemen the police of Nikolaev already began service investigation. Law enforcement officers said that at the time of filming the video, both employees were off duty, but they were still suspended from duty.

The official investigation began immediately after the video began to gain distribution on the network. While it continues, the defendants will be suspended from work. Based on the results of the investigation, they will be held accountable.

The war between Russia and Ukraine: latest news

  • Russian infidels began to resume active offensive operations in the Kharkiv region. The enemy made attacks in several directions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to hold the defense and prevent the enemy from moving further. In addition, the Russians again increase the intensity of shelling of Kharkov, the city is almost constantly under fire. Everyone who managed to leave earlier is urged not to return, and those who have the opportunity to leave are urged to take the opportunity and take care of their safety.
  • Skilled soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to deliver an incredible missile attack on the positions of the Russian occupiers on Zmeiny Island. In response, the enemy began to cook in Odessa, Kharkov and Nikolaev.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Ukraine's partners not to make any concessions to the Russians in any case. He is convinced that this can only lead to “catastrophe”. Russians understand any concessions as weakness, it motivates them to commit new crimes.

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