In Nikopol urged residents to check the phones of children: the invaders came up with “quests”


In Nikopol, they called on residents to check the phones of children: the occupiers came up with

Nikopol authorities urged to check teenagers' smartphones/Channel 24 collage their attacks on Ukrainian settlements. The enemy's special services even created special software for this.


This was announced by the head of the Nikopol regional military administration Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The area in the Dnipropetrovsk region has been subjected to constant shelling by Russians with Grads for a long time. The Russians have developed a program with “quest-tasks” . Users take pictures of objects and areas of interest to infidels.

After that, pictures with geolocation data are sent to software developers in exchange for a cash reward. The information collected in this way is used by the Russians to carry out missile and bomb attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

Infidels attract adults and teenagers living on the territory of Ukraine to participate in such “quests”.< /p>

Please view the content of your children's mobile phones, if you find such software, remove it and conduct explanatory conversations,” Yevtushenko urged.

The official added that if such software is found in the phones of adults, they will be subject to sanctions under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

By the way, the head of the Nikopol RVA reminded that residents of the district can send him information about suspicious persons in private messages on the official Facebook page. Evgeny Yevtushko promises a financial reward of $100 for each confirmed collaborator.

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