In occupied Melitopol, the morgue is overcrowded: bodies are stacked even in the corridors – media


The morgue is full in the occupied Melitopol: bodies are stacked even in the corridors, – media

The morgue is full in Melitopol/Channel 24 Collage

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Residents of Melitopol, in the Zaporozhye region, have not been able to adequately bury their dead relatives for a week now. The fact is that the city morgue was seized by the Russians.

This was reported in one of the local publications. An eyewitness, a relative of one of the deceased, said that the corpses in the morgue on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue lie even in the corridors.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the military base at the airfield in Melitopol with a missile attack, the invaders began to bring the corpses of soldiers to the morgue. Ukrainian forensic experts refused to work with them. However, this also affected civilians.

People cannot get a certificate of a forensic medical examination, without which it is impossible to bury relatives in a cemetery. Even if the funeral takes place, then the body will have to be exhumed to confirm the fact of non-violent death.

Attack on the Melitopol airfield

The Ukrainian military attacked the airfield on 3 July. A video of the moment of impact has surfaced online. The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, noted that there was a Russian military base there. According to him, 200 infidels were killed and another 300 wounded. Fedorov said that after the incident, the collaborators in Melitopol did not really want to go to work.

They surrounded the hospital

After the attack on the airfield, the Russians began take the wounded to the local hospital. They cordoned off the hospital building. Consequently, the locals do not have access to blood supplies, because everything donated by donors goes to the needs of wounded enemies.

The mayor of Melitopol said that the Ukrainian defenders inflicted approximately 30 strikes on a military airfield . That is why there are a huge number of wounded. Fedorov stressed that not a single civilian of the city was injured. He advised people to stay at home, as the occupiers conduct searches and interrogations.

Please note that the Russians now have no ammunition in Nova Kakhovka: watch the video

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