In Odessa – a large-scale accident at the substation: part of the city is completely de-energized


In Odessa – a large-scale accident at a substation: part of the city is completely de-energized

On February 3, a large-scale accident occurred at a substation in Odessa. Part of the city was left without electricity.

This was told at DTEK Odessa Electric Grids. Citizens are asked to treat the situation with understanding.

An accident occurred at a substation in Odessa

Due to a large-scale accident, NPC Ukrenergo temporarily lost power:

  • Suvorovsky, Primorsky and Malinovsky districts of Odessa,
  • part of the Odessa region.

De-energized critical infrastructure facilities, industry and residential customers. Power engineers of NPC Ukrenergo eliminate the accident, the message says.

Power supply is promised to be resumed after completion of work.

Why is the situation with electricity in the Odessa region the most difficult

Anton Shaligailo, a representative of the Odessa Regional Office, said that the opinion that in other areas the situation with electricity is better than in the Odessa region is erroneous. He stressed that it is Russian shelling that is the cause of all the problems.

“Damage to power facilities in other areas also negatively affects the state of our electricity supply due to the lack of limits that are distributed among the regions,” Shaligailo said.


According to him, the worst situation is when the Russians strike at power equipment in the Odessa region.

Then other problems arise, but of a technical nature, complicating physical transmission and distribution of energy in the region, – said the representative of the OVA.

He added that this is exactly what happened after the attack on January 26, which caused severe damage.

At the same time, in the southern and in the northern regions of the Odessa region, the situation with light is better. They represent capacities that the Odessa region cannot take.

How to save electricity/Channel 24 Infographics

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