In Odessa, a man was detained during the delivery of the summons: the behavior of the military was explained in the OVA


In Odessa, a man was detained while serving a summons: the behavior of the military was explained in the OVA

Mobilization has been going on since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which should take place in accordance with the current legislation. A video of the detention of a man appeared on the network, which greatly agitated society.

The video shows that when the summons was handed over, the military registration and enlistment office officers detained and forcibly pushed a man into a minibus. It happened in Odessa in Banny Lane.

How the incident was explained in the OVA

The representative of the Odesa OVA Sergey Bratchuk noted that representatives of the RTCC and the joint venture to the citizen within the framework of general mobilization. However, in response, he groundlessly began to insult and humiliate the military, as well as film them.

The citizen did not agree to calm requests and warnings about the inadmissibility of such actions, – Sergey Bratchuk noted. room to clarify the circumstances”.

Already on the spot, the citizen's data was checked and a summons was issued to him, because, according to Bratchuk, in violation of the current legislation, he still has not fulfilled his obligation to arrive at the RTCC and the joint venture from the beginning general mobilization.

Explanatory work was carried out with the military

Sergey Bratchuk also stressed that an official check has already been scheduled for the military. According to him, the perpetrators will be brought to disciplinary responsibility. Also, we have already carried out:

  • work with the personnel who carry out work to alert the population,
  • additional explanatory measures on the order of work and compliance with ethics and legislation.

The OVA also appealed to citizens and stressed that since martial law is in force in Ukraine and conscripts for military service are being called up, men will continue to receive subpoenas. Upon receipt, citizens must appear on a call to the TCC and SP and become registered.

This means taking into account and understanding the reserve by the state, preparing and training the mobilization resource, and a common understanding of the common goal by all. Those who have not yet appeared, have to be collected by patrolling. Don't put yourself in trouble. Fulfill your constitutional duty. Join Victory. Be conscious and responsible! Serhiy Bratchuk urged.

Mobilization in Ukraine: Briefly

  • Note that subpoenas from the TCC and JV can be issued in public places, but there is also a list of notification methods that do not carry no legal force. Among them, in particular, a call from the TCC by phone, SMS, using a messenger or serving a summons through relatives, etc.
  • When a summons is served, a number of data must be indicated in it. In particular, the signature and seal of the head of the TCC and the joint venture, the date of delivery, the address of the military registration and enlistment office and the time at which you need to apply there.
  • There are also cases when you can refuse the summons. Such a failure may be, for example, due to an error in it. In this case, an act of refusal to receive should be drawn up.
  • Note that after receiving the summons, the person liable for military service must appear at the TCC and the joint venture. If this is not done, then he may receive a punishment in the form of a fine, or even imprisonment.

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