In Peru, a bus with tourists fell into the abyss: at least 24 people were killed


Tourist bus plunged into a precipice in Peru, killing at least 24 people< /p>

A terrible car accident occurred in Peru on Saturday, January 28th in the morning. It is known that the bus fell into the abyss, killing at least 24 people.

According to local media, the accident occurred in the northwestern Peruvian department of Piura. On that terrible Saturday, the Q'orianka Tours Aguila Dorada bus was carrying 60 people. On a section of the road called the “devil's curve”, the vehicle fell into the abyss.

At least 24 people died

Rescuers and police arrived at the scene of the accident. They provided assistance to the victims of the crash of the bus. The victims were taken to local hospitals in El Alto and Mancora. According to reports, at least 24 people died. On the net you can also find reports of 25 and 26 victims. But they have not yet been confirmed.

At least 24 people died as a result of an accident/Photo from social networks

The local prosecutor's office has already announced a preliminary reason. According to the agency, the accident could have occurreddue to careless driving,as well as speeding by the driver.

The day before, we talked about another accident related to the bus. It happened in Moldova. And the vehicle itself was moving towards Odessa.

Another bus overturned in Moldova

  • It is known that on Saturday, January 28, at about 17:30 in Trinity Noue, the Setra bus ran off the road and overturned. The vehicle carrying 21 passengers was traveling to Odessa.
  • According to available information, the accident occurred on the R-30 highway, located in the Anenii-Noi region of Moldova. According to preliminary reasons,the bus overturned due to bad weather conditions.
  • Fortunately, there were no casualties. Law enforcement officers immediately conducted a preliminary examination. She says that at the time of the accident, the driver of the vehicle was not intoxicated. So this version was immediately rejected.
  • Recall that on January 28 there was also an accident: a truck and a bus collided. It happened on the highway Kyiv – Kharkov – Dovzhansky. Unfortunately, this time there were no casualties.
  • As a result of the accident, the driver died, as well as one of the passengers of the minibus. Another passenger of the minibus also died in the ambulance. Another 8 passengers are known to have been injured, including two children.

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