In Poland, Su-57 and F-35 were compared and talked about “flying coffins”

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In Poland, Su-57 and F-35 were compared and talked about

The situation with the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 is much worse than with the American F-35 Lightning II, writes the Polish edition of Defense24.

The publication says that by 2028 Russia plans to build 78 Su-57 aircraft, which are currently not in demand on the international market. Defense24 claims that India ditched the Russian aircraft in favor of its own design, and the UAE, the only Arab country that the US was allowed to buy the F-35 Lightning II, immediately agreed to do so. “None of the Arab countries showed deep interest in the export Su-57E at the IDEX-2021 exhibition,” the newspaper assures.

Defense24 notes that old Soviet aircraft are still used in many countries around the world not because of their “success”, but because of the lack of funds to replace them. Moreover, as the publication assures, the pilots of foreign countries call the Soviet light supersonic front-line fighter MiG-21 a “flying coffin”.

According to Defense24, the fact that the United States began to create a sixth generation fighter under the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program does not mean that the F-35 Lightning II does not suit the US Air Force (Air Force). The publication reminds that the NGAD aircraft is intended to replace the F-15 Eagle and F-22 Raptor, while the F-35 Lightning II is a typical multitasking workhorse.

Thus, Defense24 commented on the criticism of its own publication by honored pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov, who in an interview with PolitRussia stated, in particular, that “the upgraded MiG-21 fighter still flies in some countries of the world”, and “F-35 and the Americans themselves became unnecessary. “

In August, the Defense24 portal wrote that the Russian Air Force is in “the last moment before a great regression.” “The Air Force of the Russian Federation continues to be the second largest air force in the world, but every year their position is getting weaker. Hundreds of aircraft inherited from the Soviet Union will inevitably be forced out of service, and nothing will replace them. For financial and technical reasons, as well as because of the weakness of the Russian industry, “- said in the publication of the publication.

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