In Poland, they allow the creation of a coalition to transfer modern tanks to Ukraine without Germany


Poland allows the creation of a coalition to transfer modern tanks to Ukraine without Germany

Berlin still hasn't agreed to transfer Leopards to Ukraine. Meanwhile, in Poland, they allow the creation of a coalition to provide modern tanks without the participation of Germany.

This was announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He stressed that Poland will not passively watch Ukraine bleed,writes Channel 24.

Germany should not tie the hands of other partners

Morawiecki considers German behavior regarding the transfer of Leopard tanks unacceptable. After all, a full-scale war has been going on for almost a year, and innocent people are dying every day.

The high-ranking official does not understand what else Germany needs for the country to “open its eyes and start acting in accordance with its potential.” According to Morawiecki, if Berlin is not ready to independently supply tanks to Ukraine, it should at least not tie the hands of other partners.

If Germany does not agree to transfer the Leopard to Ukraine, then we will create a smaller coalition of countries willing to share their modern tanks with Ukraine. We will not just watch Ukraine bleed, the prime minister emphasized.

Providing Leopards to Ukraine: latest news

  • On January 20, a meeting in the Rammstein format was held in Germany “. However, Ukraine's partners did not come to a common decision to provide Leopard tanks.
  • Interestingly, after the meeting, the Germans protested. The people demanded that much-needed battle tanks be provided to Ukraine.
  • Olaf Scholz's government denied claims that Germany was blocking the transfer of tanks. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the partners do not have a common opinion on the provision of Leopards. He also stated that there were allegedly good reasons against the supply of tanks. At the same time, Pistorius said he had instructed officials to check Germany's stock of Leopard 2 tanks so that the country could “act quickly” in the event of a “positive decision.”
  • The Deputy Foreign Minister reacted sharply to such a statement by the Minister of Defense Andrey Melnik. He stressed that Germany must finally decide on the supply of tanks, because time is of the essence. “What else needs to be checked, Mr. Pistorius? Supply! It's a pity that Svetofor (the coalition of Germany – Channel 24) exposes itself like this,” Melnik emphasized.

The main advantages of the Leopard tanks/infographics of Channel 24

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