In Poland, they spoke about the “devilish plan” of the United States against Russia

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Myśl Polska: US wants to drive Russia into a corner and start a war in Ukraine

In Poland, they spoke about the “devilish plan” of the United States against Russia

Photo: Spasiyana Sergieva / Reuters

US-Russian talks will end in failure as the US and NATO seek to escalate the conflict. This view was expressed by Adam Śmiech in a column for the Polish newspaper Myśl Polska.

In his opinion, Russia is driven into a corner. This is confirmed by the statement of the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, that Moscow has nowhere to retreat, Smekh notes. “If the United States does not back down from its position, war will be inevitable,” the author is convinced. He emphasizes that the American authorities do not want a nuclear war, since there will be no winners in it. At the same time, they need a war in Ukraine, which they are trying to drag Russia into.

Laughter notes that in doing so, the US and NATO have developed a “truly diabolical plan,” as it involves a situation in which representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, who have common religious and cultural roots, “will kill each other as part of a full-scale conflict.” The author of the publication also calls the position of the United States convenient, since their military will not suffer from hostilities.

Earlier, the US Congress presented a bill on new sanctions against Russia in the event of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. Congressmen thought about a ban on operations with Russia's primary and secondary public debt. They also propose to impose sanctions against the Russian banking sector and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In addition, if the situation escalates, the US may demand that Russia be disconnected from the SWIFT international payment system.

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