In Poland, unknown people collect data about Ukrainians: how attackers act and how they intimidate (photo)

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In Poland, unknown persons are collecting data about Ukrainians: how attackers act and how they intimidate (photo)

People are asked to ignore such announcements and messages.

In Poland, unknown individuals illegally collect information about citizens of Ukraine. From the attackers put up fake ads on behalf of a state institution in Poland, and also send emails to Poles to “leak” information about refugees to them. Citizens are intimidated with fines so that they do not ignore the messages.

This was warned by the Polish Department for Foreigners.

An announcement about the collection of information about Ukrainians appeared in a number of large cities in Poland in public places . They were distributed on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

These fake announcements say that you need to provide data supposedly to “help” the Ukrainian diplomatic mission.In addition, there is a QR code posted there, which urges the Poles to click on and report about the citizens of Ukraine everything they know.

Also, the Poles are sent messages by e-mail with “requests” inform about refugees from Ukraine living in rented premises. The letters allegedly come from the e-mail of the Ukrainian embassy in Poland.

Scammers even scare those who do not do this with fines.

“Department for foreigners is not the author of announcements and does not collect information,listed on the flyers. The department's public logo was used to make this information appear to be true. The content of the leaflet may imply that this is an attempt to obtain personal data. We urge you to ignore all this. Do not reply or forward any data,” the institution said in a statement.

They also added that such cases of misinformation and fraud should be reported to the Computer Emergency Response Team.

Recall, government authorized representative for information space security Poland Stanislav Zharin announced the next stage of the information attack of the Russian Federation in Poland.The aggressor incites the Polish society against Ukraine and the leadership of the Republic of Poland.

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