In Rivne, a water utility worker was fired due to the consecration of the catchment area by a priest from the UOC-MP


A worker of a water utility was fired in Rivne due to the consecration of a catchment area by a priest from the UOC-MP

A UOC-MP priest came to the water intake at Epiphany in Rivne and blessed the water. Because of this, a serious scandal broke out, the result of which was the dismissal of the employee who let the priest into the territory of the enterprise.

On a holiday, a water utility worker let a priest of the UOC-MP into the department of the Gorbakovsko-Goringrad water intake. Therefore, the head of the regional council, Andriy Karaush, called the management of the water utility for a conversation.

How the dismissal of the water utility worker was argued

The Rivne Regional Council caused a strong reaction outsiders, that is, a priest of the UOC-MP, got into the territory of the strategic facility. Therefore, the acting head of the enterprise was called in for a conversation.

This is savagery and nonsense! At a time when we are fighting Russian terrorists at the front and on all possible political platforms, this provocation is taking place! Cynicism! A church that blesses the Russians to pour blood over Ukraine with one hand, and blesses the water here with the other? – said Andriy Karaush.

After that, the water utility began to investigate the situation and found that the worker who let the priest through violated the access control on the territory of the utility company, because he did it without permission.

Therefore, the worker of the water utility was fired, he wrote a corresponding statement. We are talking about the head of the department of the Gorbakovsko-Goryngrad water intake.

The message of the water utility and the reaction of the UOC-MP

People's Deputy from Rivne Solomiya Bobrovskaya published a screenshot of the message the day before Rovnovodokanal on the blessing of water at the water intake by a priest of the UOC-MP. The message indicated that this tradition is already an annual one and begins in 2008. But after a while, the message itself disappeared.

The message of the Level Vodokanal, which was subsequently deleted/Screenshot of Solomiya Bobrovskaya

In the Rivne diocese of the UOC-MP, they reacted to the situation and abandoned Andrey Kraush, who himself recently headed the water utility, that he not only knew who blesses the water in the catchment every year, but also personally attended the consecrations.

Representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate expressed indignation at the words of Krausch and stated that his words offend everyone who came to the churches of the UOC-MP for Baptism, including the military and their relatives. The diocese also stated that it is providing assistance to the Ukrainian army.

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