In Russia, a fake is being spread about “Ukrainian mothers who ask not to return their children from captivity”


Fake is spreading in Russia about "Ukrainian mothers who ask not to return their children from captivity"

Russia spreads fakes about the mother of Ukrainian prisoners/Channel 24 Collage

The Russians do not get tired of doing their dirty propaganda work – they are spreading more and more fakes. This time about how the mothers of the Ukrainian prisoners seem to be asking their sons not to return home.

The cynicism of the Russians goes wild

Such messages are reinforced by the motive that the relatives of the defenders of Ukraine fear that “their sons, men will be sent back to the front or subjected to repression.”

And these fakes are spread by the Ombudsman for “human rights in Russia” Tatiana Moskalkova. It is she who “brings the level of wadded fantasies to a new level.”

The CPI said that they are sorting out dozens of such fakes and can state that Russia's propaganda is in a state of information hunger.

Positive for Russians there is no news from the front, and therefore propagandists must resort to illogical and baseless fakes. However, they have a weak effect even on the population of Russia, and Ukrainians are not only not convinced by such fakes, they do not even react to them.

Also in Russia, a fake was circulated about the alleged evidence of the Ukrainian military about the use of drugs by colleagues, including commanders. They came up with the idea that the military even seemed to have witnessed the exchange of ammunition for drugs.

Russia is constantly spreading fakes about the Ukrainian military

Thus, the aggressor country is trying to restrain negative moods of Russians and form a “victorious portrait”. In fact, everything is not so – they are far from victory, the whole world sees the truth and understands all these manipulations.

On June 13, another exchange of prisoners took place – 11 more Ukrainian soldiers returned home. As part of this exchange, Oleg Pilipenko, the head of the Shevchenko UTC of the Nikolaev region, was fired. He was in enemy captivity for more than 2 months – since March 10.

By the way, Russia often violates international agreements regarding prisoners – they are treated cruelly. At a time when Ukraine does not allow itself such an inhuman treatment, we are radically different from the enemy.

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