In Russia, a freight train derailed: the consequences resemble a disaster film (video)

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 A freight train derailed in Russia: the consequences resemble a disaster movie (video)

The carriages were loaded with reinforced concrete products.

On Thursday, December 9, a railway accident occurred in the Kirov region (Russian Federation).

According to the Telegram-channel Baza, the locomotive and six cars with reinforced concrete products went off the rails.

The disaster took place at the Kirov-Kotlassky – Chukhlinsky section.

None of the people were injured in the accident. The amount of damage caused has not yet been established, but, according to preliminary information, it is very significant. Traffic on the railroad track was suspended for 10 hours. Rescuers are working at the crash site. The published video from the drone is striking in the scale of this accident.

“It looks like filming a disaster movie,” the caption to the published footage says.

On this fact, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has opened criminal proceedings.

Recall that previously a freight train , into which a car crashed at a crossing near the city of Barnaul (Altai Territory of the Russian Federation), pulled it along for several kilometers.

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