In Russia, a woman drowned during Epiphany bathing right in front of her husband and children (video)

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В Росссии женщина утонула во время крещенских купаний прямо на глазах у мужа и детей (видео)

The current dragged her under the ice. The woman’s body was never found.

In Russia, near St. Petersburg, a woman drowned in an ice hole during Epiphany bathing right in front of her own children and husband.

A video of the tragic incident appeared on social networks.

The woman decided to plunge into the hole carved in the form of a cross after the bath. But the current instantly dragged her under the ice.

“A 40-year-old lawyer of a construction company drowned in front of her children and husband,” the report says.

The woman’s body has not yet been found. Divers are working on site.

Earlier it was reported that a diver died in the Kiev region for Epiphany.


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