In Russia, due to lack of coal, peasants take up axes

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In Russia, due to the lack of coal, the peasants take up axes

The shortage of “black gold” in the Altai Territory of the Russian Federation explain its rise in price and an increase in exports to China.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation began checking information in the media about massive illegal logging in Altai Territory, where local residents suffer from a shortage coal and they have nothing to heat their homes.

This is stated in an official statement on the website of the regional administration of the RF IC.

“With the onset of the cold season, citizens are forced to illegally cut wood so as not to freeze in their homes. In addition, the increased fuel prices do not allow the socially unprotected category of citizens to purchase it, ”inform Russian law enforcement officers.

According to the local newspaper, the cost of coal in the Kemerovo region increased by an average of 60 percent … Residents of the villages, in order not to freeze, are forced to resort to illegal logging, some families cooperate and spend the night in the same house, because they cannot heat their homes on their own. The Russians did not face such problems even in the 1990s, the newspaper notes.

The shortage of coal in the Altai Territory is explained by the increase in its exports to China, where there is also a shortage of this fuel, due to which its cost has risen sharply. According to Bloomberg, Chinese citizens have already begun to issue coupons for the purchase of coal, regulating its consumption.

Recall that earlier the Russian Federation suspended supplies of thermal coal to Ukraine.

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