In Russia, during the repair of missile systems for warships, more than half of the money was stolen


In Russia, more than half of the money was stolen during the repair of missile systems for warships

SAM “Dagger” on the ship/Photo from open sources

In Russia, more than half of the money allocated for the repair of anti-aircraft missile systems “Kinzhal”, “Uragan” and “Fortetsya” for warships in the Northern Fleet was stolen.

Journalists found out that in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, out of 1 billion rubles allocated for the modernization of weapons, more than 692 million rubles were stolen in 2013-2015.

The theft became known due to a high-profile criminal case on bribes. Now the investigation wants to arrest the former deputy head of the department of the Ministry of Defense for ensuring the state defense order, Captain Igor Supranovich.

As it turned out, it was thanks to his “efforts” to maintain and repair anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) “Dagger”, “Hurricane “,” Fortetsya “plants were allowed, whose leaders and are accused of embezzling more than 692 million rubles. It is interesting that one of the enterprises did not even have a license for the repair of electronic weapons.The corresponding criminal case on the fact of particularly large-scale fraud has been under investigation since the summer of 2019. Currently, its defendants are:

  • Andrey Klokotsky, former consultant of the Department of the Navy of JSC Rosoboronexport,
  • Head of the Service for the Development and Operation of Rocket and Artillery Armaments of the Shipbuilding Department of the Navy Vadim Movchan,
  • Heads of three special plants Mutalib Emiraliev, Zamir Akhmedov and Zamir Akhmedov.

51-year-old Captain 1st Rank Igor Supranovich is also involved in the theft , who was responsible for the deployment, accounting and control of the implementation of the state defense order in terms of the repair of warships of the Kinzhal, Osa-M, Fort, Fortetsya air defense systems and others.

What is known about the theft of money

It follows from the materials of the case that in the fall of 2012, the deputy directors of the Elektropribor plant, Nikolai Kovalenko and Alexander Abramov, turned to him with a request to help in concluding a state contract for the repair of the Fort air defense system. For this service, the officer was promised a reward of 5% of the contract amount.

Agreeing, Igor Supranovich, misleading the management, said that only the Elektropribor plant allegedly responded to the proposal of the Ministry of Defense to take part in the auction, although, according to the investigation, other possible perpetrators did not even receive requests.

Thus, Supranovich brought the Elektropribor plant to maintenance, purchase of blocks and components for systems and launchers, which repaired parts only on paper SAM, beyond repair.

Subsequently, he brought three plants into government contracts for 2014: Soyuz-M CJSC, Saratov Radio Instrument Plant OJSC and Elektropribor. In 2014 – 2015, Soyuz-M serviced and repaired the Kinzhal air defense systems, Elektropribor – the Fort and Uragan air defense systems, and the Saratov plant – the Osa-M and Osa-M2 air defense systems.

In total, over two years, these three plants have concluded state contracts with the Ministry of Defense for almost 1 billion rubles. According to investigators, more than 692 million of them were stolen. In December 2014, as the investigation established, Supranovich received more than 16 million rubles for his services from Abramov.

It is known that Supranovich, Abramova and Kovalenko were detained on Tuesday, March 22, after a series of searches. The investigation intends to petition the court for the arrest of all three defendants.

By the way, cruise missiles are gradually running out in Russia, so they will take care of them, American experts say. In addition, massive shelling prevented the invaders from reaching any targets.

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