In Russia, launched an analogue of TikTok from YouTube

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In Russia, launched an analogue of TikTok from YouTube

Video hosting Google launched YouTube Shorts last year. This service is similar to TikTok – it allows you to shoot short videos on your smartphone and publish them immediately. Since July 12, YouTube Shorts (beta) is coming to Russia.

The feature was first tested in India and the US. The YouTube team claims that the creators there really liked this format. Every day, short videos are gaining over 6.5 billion views worldwide.

Russian authors will have access to many useful features right after the launch of YouTube Shorts. You can, for example, shoot several clips and combine them into one video. In addition, authors can add automatic subtitles, apply basic filters for color correction, and more.

To watch short videos, YouTube added a special section to the home page and created a Shorts tab in the mobile version.

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