In Russia, the first identified antibodies against coronavirus

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В России впервые выделили антитела против коронавируса

Scientists at the Institute of molecular and cell biology in Novosibirsk for the first time in Russia received antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This will help to develop tools for the prevention and treatment COVID-19. About it reports TASS.

Antibodies were isolated from the blood of patients infected with the coronavirus, with the help of technology sorting of single B-lymphocytes. Protein compounds are able to block interaction of virus with cellular receptor ACE2, plays a critical role in the penetration of the pathogen into human cells.

Previously, scientists from king’s College London reported that 60 percent of patients three weeks after the onset of symptoms is recorded a very high level of immunity to coronavirus. However, after three months of strong immunity to infection remains only 17 percent of patients.

Other data were obtained by the Chinese scientists. It turned out that more than 10% of the patients studied antibodies may disappear from the body within one month after recovery.

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