In Russia, the return of troops to positions on February 24 is already called a victory, – political scientist


In Russia, the return of troops to positions on February 24 is already called a victory, - political scientist

A documentary called “Cunning 22” was filmed in Russia. He proposes to withdraw troops to the borders on February 24, then it will be a “huge victory” for Russia in the war.

Like, the Russians have already destroyed the Ukrainian economy, and by retreating, they will cunningly deceive the West and they will not have to pay reparations. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman spoke about this in an exclusive dish. 24 channels.

Serious people seriously missed

According to the political strategist, a lot of money was invested in this film. “It was filmed by super professional people, at a super professional level. Clearly, no expense has been spared for this,” Sheitelman emphasized. This film actually proves the enormous advantages of retreating to the line on 24 February.

Film in today's Russia. This is an absolutely pro-Russian and pro-Putin film, it was not made by liberals. To make a film of such a production level … It's not just about money, it was necessary to attract the best talents from those left in Russia, and there are not so many of them, – he explained.

The person or organization that did this seriously missed it. The political strategist notes that this could have been filmed at the very top – in the presidential administration, the FSB, the Ministry of Defense.

Some believe that the Russians were massively shown, they say, look, we will retreat, and this will be our victory. It seems to me that this film has one viewer – Vladimir Putin. It was filmed for the dictator, so that sooner or later he would look and believe that the troops needed to be withdrawn,” says Sheitelman.

There are a huge number of people at the top who are trying to persuade Putin to back down. At the same time, the political consultant assures, as long as Putin is in power, he will not do this.

“This would be contrary to his meaning of life. His meaning of life today is to seize new territories. He is 70 years old, he will not have time to come up with another meaning. This is not a person who is 30 years old, and he can say:” Well, the war has not come out, I will academician. Or I will go to study as an actor and win an Oscar. “He can only win or lose in this war. Therefore, under Putin, all this will not happen,” political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman summed up.

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  • According to him, Xi Jinping's visit to Russia is unlikely to meet the expectations of the Russian dictator. “If Putin got what he wanted, then Russia would talk about it with pride. And so, according to the results of the meeting, general phrases are heard, without any specifics,” the political scientist noted.
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