In Russia, there are serious showdowns at the level of Putin because of the strike on Makeevka, – military observer


In Russia there are serious showdowns at the level of Putin due to the strike on Makiivka, – military observer

The strike by the Ukrainian military on the point of temporary deployment of Russians in Makiivka resonated in Russia. Conflicts are unfolding inside the country.

This Channel 24 was told by military observer Denis Popovich. According to him, the panic around the death toll indicates the presence of misunderstandings between the country's leadership

The Russian leadership cannot decide how many people really died in Makiivka.

Now there are quite serious showdowns at the level of the General headquarters, at the level of Putin. – said Popovich.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced 63 dead, but there is information that the number of killed infidels is much higher. So the story around Makiivka is a direct evidence that there are such upheavals.

Denis Popovich on the situation in Makiivka: watch the video

Where conflicts arise in Russia

The military observer suggested that the conflicts unfold between certain personal structures. For some of them, it may be beneficial to just say that the losses are much greater than the Ministry of Defense claims. This indicates problems in the Russian bloc related to the conduct of the war. In particular, their factors are the figure of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder and sponsor of the Russian private military company Wagner.

“Compared to the situation in Ukraine, we do not have private companies that claim those who go to Melitopol and take Kremennaya or Luhansk – all this will be done by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Popovich said.

In his opinion, the activities of the private company Wagner, which now competes with official structures, give considerable discord. This is evidenced by Prigozhin's activity on New Year's Eve.

More! Evgeny Prigozhin, better known as “Putin's cook”, visited the morgue with Russian soldiers who died in the war with Ukraine on New Year's Eve.< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup" dir="ltr">Protests are likely over the situation in Makiivka

According to the expert, even among Russian supporters of the war, some of whom is under the control of the Ministry of Defense, there are calls for punishment of those responsible because of the situation in Makiivka.

“They are calling for the prosecution of people who allowed the deployment, the concentration of so many mobilized in one place,” he explained.

Denis Popovich said that anxiety and misunderstanding are spreading among Russians through servicemen and correspondents in social networks.

“Didn't they realize that this would be a target for Ukrainian army missile strikes? These are the questions that now arise among them,” the military observer said.< /p>

The scale of the situation in Makiivka has acquired such a resonance that it is no longer possible to keep silent about it. The Russians plan to go out to commemorate or protest. In particular, such measures are envisaged in Russian Samara and Saratov.

According to Denis Popovich, the Russians managed to hide the situation in Chulakovka, but it will no longer be possible to keep silent about Makiivka, because “it is necessary to recognize what some losses”.

Attack on Makiivka: the main thing

  • The APU was not left Russians on New Year's Eve without congratulations. The Ukrainian military attacked Makiivka, where there was a significant accumulation of Russian equipment and manpower.
  • Russia confirmed the death of personnel in Makiivka. According to official sources, the number of dead mercenaries is 63 people, however, propagandists claim that there are many more victims.
  • ISW specialists named the probable reasons for the crushing blow. In turn, the Kremlin blames the soldiers themselves for everything.

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