In Russia, there will be bracelets for “finding people” without connecting to the network

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In Russia, there will be bracelets for

Rostec's subsidiary, Ruselectronics Holding, will manufacture special tracker bracelets. They will be used to “find people” without requiring an internet connection.

The device will be based on LoRaWAN IoT technology. Due to this, the device does not need a SIM card, and therefore the presence of cellular networks. Another advantage of this technology is its increase due to its accuracy in determining coordinates in closed rooms or underground.

According to representatives of Rostec, the main scenario for using the bracelet will be remote supervision of children and the elderly.

The tracker will be equipped with an SOS button for emergency situations and a compact pulse oximetry sensor. The expected autonomy of the device is more than 160 hours.

It is reported that the release of the first batch of bracelets is scheduled for 2021.

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