In Russia, they proposed to launch a space station “observing the entire Earth”

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In Russia, they proposed to launch a space station

The Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia has proposed launching a new Russian orbital service station that will be able to observe the entire surface of the planet at once. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the company's materials.

According to the corporation, the station is planned to be placed in an orbit with an altitude of 400 kilometers and an inclination of 98 degrees, which will allow it to receive a “full view of the Earth.” Nevertheless, its main purpose will be observation of the Arctic and the northern sea route. It is noted that the project for the creation of such a station is unique, but its design will be similar to the Russian Mir station.

Earlier, Vladimir Soloviev, First Deputy General Director of RSC Energia (part of Roscosmos), said that some elements of the International Space Station (ISS) were seriously damaged and could not be replaced with new ones. According to him, after 2025, an avalanche-like failure of the ISS systems will begin, as a result of which further maintenance of the station will become too expensive. To replace the ISS, Energia proposed to create a Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS), which, in particular, provides for an unmanned operation.

Later, Roscosmos denied reports about the refusal of the state corporation to participate in the ISS and noted that Soloviev's quote was “informational”.

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