In Russia, they reported a drone that fell in the Tula region

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In Russia, they reported a drone that fell in the Tula region

UAV “unmarked”.

A fallen drone without identification marks and departmental affiliation was found in the Tula region.

This was reported by a Russian propaganda agency with reference to the region's committee on regional security.

Operational services are working on the spot, they are only adding to the agency. Neither photos nor confirmation from independent sources were provided.

Recall that in early March, an explosion was heard in the Tula region of the Russian Federation, later the media showed a photo of the funnel and stated that a drone could be the cause.

Then it was about the incident in the village of Berezovsky in the Kireevsky district.

Later, the Committee of the Tula Region for Regional Security reported that in the morning in a forest belt, 600 meters from the settlement, a funnel from an explosion with a diameter of 1.5 meters was found.

Meanwhile, on March 18, the Lviv region was attacked by 6 Iranian drones . Ukrainian air defense managed to shoot down three drones, but three more drones hit non-residential premises.

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