In Russia, those who do not want to mobilize are offered to change their gender

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In Russia, those who do not want to mobilize are offered to change their gender

In Russia, the mobilized are “caught” right next to their own homes, and those who do not want to go to war are offered an unusual way out of the situation.

In Russia, everyone who does not want to mobilize is offered to “change sex” and “transfer to another category”.

This was stated by the head of the Kalininsky district of the Russian Federation, Sergei Petrichenko, in an interview with the Russian edition of Fontanka.

“We must completely restore all military records and collect all data on male residents of the district. If a person is not male, he can declare it, change gender and move to another category or take other measures,” Petrichenko said.

In addition, the head of the Kalininsky district of the Russian Federation commented on the situation when men are “caught” right near the houses with police officers, military enlistment office workers and officials. The locals dubbed it “raids”, but the administration of one of the districts rejected this term and said that “groups” were engaged in “alert”.

“We have some kind of whirlpool going on. A summons is sent, a citizen receives it and throws it in a trash can. And we must establish: where is this citizen, how many children does he have, is there a disease, has he been trained, perhaps he has armor, or he became an IT specialist, is he an employee of the defense industry. The information needs to be updated,” the official explained such “raids”.

Mobilization in Russia

Russian dictator On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of “partial” mobilization in the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Defense promised that they would mobilize people with experience, but the summonses began to be handed out to everyone. As a result, men began to flee the country. According to media reports, about 700,000 people left Russia.

Subsequently, Putin said that the Ministry of Defense managed to mobilize 222,000 Russians, and 16,000 from they are allegedly already at the front. According to the Russian dictator, the newly mobilized are being prepared to be sent to war, but the “mobiles” themselves complain that they are being thrown into Ukraine like “cannon fodder”.

This is also confirmed by British intelligence. It is noted that occupiers are poorly equipped and forced to buy equipment on their own. This is due to widespread corruption in the army and poor logistics.

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