In Russian Novocherkassk, a new building of a military unit burned to the ground


A new military unit burned to the ground in Novocherkassk, Russia

The Russian military continues to flagrantly violate fire safety regulations. So, in the Rostov region that night a large-scale fire broke out. The building of the military unit burned to the ground.

The building was brand new and large, so it burned well, says Channel 24 with reference to Russian media. But seriously, we are glad that the enemy has one less military facility. This means that this will somehow, but affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine.

The barracks burned brightly

Of course, the video was posted online. On it you can see how the new barracks of the military unit is burning confidently. It happened in Novocherkassk, Rostov region. In addition, Slavyansk, for example, is about 300 kilometers away.

What is special about this military unit? The fact that the 150th motorized rifle division of the Russian armed forces is based on it. Recall that in October we talked about this division. It consisted mainly of mobilized military personnel. Aoperated in the Kherson direction. And on October 10, the General Staff reported that on October 9, she had lost more than 520 of her fighters.

As for the barracks itself, the building is relatively fresh. It was built only 6 years ago. Well, the occupiers will have to mold new barracks out of shit and sticks for their “chmobiks”. Although they are used to living in bad conditions.

Fires for Russians are an opportunity to warm up

  • And they even keep us warm. So, the day before, we told you about an elderly couple who tried to burn down the draft board. It happened in Podolsk on Lenin Avenue. According to available information, the arsonists were a 70-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman. True, it is not known for certain what prompted them to set fire to the draft board. Propagandists found some logical explanation here too. Like, the couple fell under the influence of “telephone scammers”.
  • A few days earlier it became known about a fire that broke out in Novosibirsk. A warehouse where plastic products were stored caught fire.
  • But, so to speak, the fire at the Engels airfield was the icing on the cake. This situation forced the occupiers to redeploy their strategic aviation further from the border with Ukraine. In addition, this could affect a future missile strike.

By the way, do not ignore air raid alerts. As soon as the sirens sound – get over to the shelter and stay there until there is a signal for the all-clear. It could save your life.

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