In serious condition with burns: victims in Brovary are being transported abroad, they need help


In serious condition with burns: victims in Brovary are being transported abroad, they need help

25 people were injured as a result of a helicopter crash in Brovary. Two families of the wounded will be sent to Austria for treatment.

Igor Sapozhko, mayor of Brovary in the Kyiv region, wrote about this.

“Two families of the victims, who were in the burn center, will be treated abroad. Now they are in one of the clinics in Lviv, preparing for a flight to Austria. These are Oksyuta Nadezhda (mother) and Alice (daughter), Dereki Sergey (dad) and Anna ( daughter) )”, – said the mayor.

Alisa's condition is serious

Alisa Oksyuta got into blast wave in Brovary when she went to kindergarten with her mother. While they are in serious condition.

“Both are in intensive care in Kyiv. Nadya covered Alice with herself, like a real mother,” Alice's godmother wrote on the day of the tragedy.

The injured child was engaged in karate. Coach Sergey Openko urged to help Alisa and her mother.

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We didn't have time to hide

In a commentary to Ukrainian Pravda. Life, the godmother of the injured 5-year-old Anya Dereka, Yana Sheiko, said that the girl and her father went to the garden on the morning of January 18. They heard the sound of a helicopter, but did not have time to escape and got burned.

Many heard this sound, something buzzed. They thought it was a drone, and then they saw how the helicopter was descending,” said Yana.

She remembered that Anya's mother immediately ran to the scene of the tragedy, but by that time her relatives had been sent to the Brovary hospital . Subsequently, they were transported to a burn center in Kyiv, and from there to Lviv.

According to Yana, the child's condition is stable and serious. However, she is conscious.

“The father's condition is a little better, but he is in a depressed moral state. Mom and the eldest son are with them,” Yana said.

She added that the family needs financial assistance.

p>Important! You can help the Dereks with bank details, or with a card 4441114424543203 (Ekaterina Dereka, Anna's mother).

The child needs skin graft.

Oleksandra Breus is in the intensive care unit of the Kyiv Burn Center. Due to a fire in a kindergarten, her body is 30% burnt. The child needs a skin graft. She and her mother Elena were in the locker room when the helicopter crashed.

“Mom was also injured, her hands were badly burned,” journalist and public figure Victoria Syumar wrote.

Alexandra Breus is currently involved with the Stremlenie Charitable Foundation.

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Who else is in the hospital

According to Sapozhko, Anna Yushchenko will soon leave the Kyiv burn center. Also, until the final decision of the doctors, Irina Bondarchuk with her daughter Vladislava and Lyudmila Motas, the kindergarten accountant, will stay at the burn center.

“They are also ready to be accepted abroad after the final verdict of doctors. Transportation and flight to Austria of the victims is under the control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and personally Minister Viktor Lyashko,” Sapozhko added.

  • The State Emergency Service helicopter crashed on a kindergarten on the morning of January 18th. The leadership of the Ministry of the Interior was on board.
  • The crash killed 14 people. Among them are Minister Denis Monastyrsky, First Deputy Minister Yevgeny Yenin and State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuri Lubkovich.
  • 25 people were injured. There are 11 children among them.
  • At present, the investigation under the control of the SBU is ongoing to establish the cause of the tragedy
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