In Slavyansk, the number of victims of the cynical shelling of Russians increased


В The number of victims of the cynical shelling of Russians has increased in Slavyansk

The number of victims of the shelling of Slavyanskaya has increased/Collage 24 channels As a result of the attack of the Russians on July 3, the number of victims increased to 6 people. In addition, 19 civilians of the city were injured.

This was announced by the head of the city military administration Slavyanskaya Vadim Lyakh. The mayor of the city urged local residents to evacuate to safer regions of Ukraine.

How to sign up for evacuation from Sloviansk

Due to the aggravation of the situation in Donbass and the shelling on July 3, the military administration of Slavyanskaya also calls on civilians to leave the city and go to safer regions of Ukraine.

Mayor Slovyanska on the consequences of the shelling of the city: watch the video

In particular, on July 4, an evacuation flight departs from Slovyansk to the Rivne region. Also, the evacuation will continue – on July 5 there will be an evacuation by bus from Pokrovsk to Lviv.

The next flight to the Rivne region is also planned on July 6. In order to sign up for evacuation, residents of Slovyansk can contact the military-civilian administration at the hotline numbers.

099 539 78 67;

099 539 80 47;

< p> 099 539 80 48;

066 284 92 85;

095 841 80 82;

099 435 02 75;

099 548 75 24;

099 180 90 16.

Shelling of Slavyanskaya: the main thing

On July 3, Russian invaders massively fired on Slavyansk. The mayor of the city Vadim Lyakh said that the Russian invaders attacked 5 districts of the city at once.

The detonation of infidel ammunition provoked more than 15 fires throughout Slavyansk. Recently, this was the largest enemy attack on this city.

In an evening address, President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about a child who died as a result of shelling – a girl Eva, who was supposed to be 10 years old in August, but Russian infidels carried away her life.

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