In Snizhne, the occupiers released women prisoners and are preparing them to pull out the bodies of the dead from the front


In Snizhne, the occupiers released women prisoners and are preparing them to pull out the bodies of the dead from the front

In the temporarily occupied Donetsk region, the invaders released women from the penal colony. Currently, they are being trained to participate in hostilities.

Near the urban-type settlement of Limanchuk in Donetsk region, subordinated to Snezhny, the invaders are preparing women from the colony to participate in hostilities. This was reported to journalists of Channel 24 by sources in the special services.

In the best traditions of the “Russian world”: the selection of women took place voluntarily-compulsorily

For more than a month now, the training of women released from Snezhnyansk penal colony 127 has been going on in Snizhne.

According to the intelligence services, they were promised freedom in exchange for work at the front. The women were told that they would drag the bodies of the dead from the battlefield, and they would allegedly be paid like male contractors. However, it is rather strange that they have been preparing them for such work at the training ground for more than a month. Therefore, there is a risk that they may be abandoned, just like the “mobiles”, who were promised only work at checkpoints.

The recruitment of women took place at the beginning of 2023 on a voluntary-compulsory basis. The polygons are located near mines No. 1 and No. 2 and they are well guarded so that women do not run away.

Russians are driving Ukrainians from the occupied territories to the front without the right to choose

  • Earlier, we reported that, according to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, the Russian military-political command is forcibly sending prisoners from colonies from the temporarily occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to the front.
  • Forced mobilization of prisoners began in January-February 2023 and continues. It has also been reported that even women are likely to be rowed. And now this information has been confirmed.
  • At the same time, no one formalizes the release of people from behind bars. Armed Russian soldiers come to prisons, recruit people there on a random basis, put them on buses and take them to the front. There is no combat training.
  • There are no options to refuse service to the Russians, and those who resist are brutally tortured. At the same time, they are cynically promised a good salary and even rehabilitation.
  • If a prisoner dies and his body is sent home, relatives are simply told that he volunteered for the front.

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