In Sochi, a Russian woman was fined for the inscription “Glory to Ukraine” in Korean in WhatsApp

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In Sochi, a Russian woman was fined for the inscription

A court in Sochi fined a local resident for two thousand rubles for writing in the status in WhatsApp "Glory to Ukraine!" in Korean.

A report was drawn up against a Russian woman from Sochi because of the inscription “Glory to Ukraine!” in Korean on WhatsApp.

This is reported by the Russian propaganda publication Meduza.

A 38-year-old resident of Sochi was charged with propaganda of Nazi symbols and/or symbols of extremist organizations . Today, February 2, the court considered this case. The woman was threatened with a fine or arrest of up to 15 days.

However, the court did prove that the translation of the phrase into Korean “is an established attribute of greeting extremist organizations whose activities have been recognized by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

Recall that in the temporarily occupied Crimea they wrote a denunciation of a girl from Kherson, who, during a lesson in Krasnoperekopsk, ignored the Russian anthem and drew the flag of Ukraine in her notebook.

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