In solidarity with Ukraine: the global network of oncologists OncoAlert broke off cooperation with Russia

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In solidarity with Ukraine: the global network of oncologists OncoAlert broke off cooperation with Russia

The global network of oncologists OncoAlert, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, announced the termination of any cooperation with associations and congresses of oncologists of the Russian Federation.

OncoAlert announced this on its Facebook page.

— In response to the invasion of Ukraine, OncoAlert ceases all cooperation with Russia. OncoAlert is a politically neutral organization, but we cannot stand aside from aggression towards our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Thanks for understanding. OncoAlert. Together with Ukraine,” the letter says.

In turn, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine published an appeal to the World Health Organization to stop cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Appeal of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to WHO

Russia launched terrorist actions on the territory of Ukraine against the civilian population and doctors. Russian occupiers, violating international law, are shelling hospitals, ambulances, orphanages and civilians!

Every day, under shelling, doctors fight for the lives of their patients, including children. Every day they pray to God that an enemy shell does not fly into the operating room. Every day, while performing their professional duties – saving human lives – medical workers die.

Shooting doctors is a crime against humanity. Therefore, the Ministry of Health calls on WHO to stop any cooperation and exchange of information with the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Health also calls on other UN agencies that deal with humanitarian affairs to move their regional offices from Moscow.

For every fact of an attack that is documented, those responsible will sooner or later be punished justly!


  • Are you insane??
    Is this you call politically neutral organizationit? Medicine MUST be out of politics! And you, as a medical organization, MUST to help people, children who need your help! Doctors took the Hippocratic Oath. And it’s inhuman what you’re doing now. This is a real genocide and a fascist regime.

  • This is just fucking ridiculous. Now I understand nothing is not political. Everything has to serve politics.

    Otherwise, must be lots of Russian oncologists and patients now are on the war shooting people.

  • Ganz dafür! So niedrig ärtze gefallen!! Krebspatienten sind schuldig..fuchtbar!!!

  • this is great news for russia! get rid of such poisons from the land and in the mid term avoid the industry of cancer genocide and all its dumb logic is almost unbelieavable. there arre thousands of solutions to the so called cancer.

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