In South Korea, they were going to rent the Far East from Russia

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South Korean presidential candidate Ho Yong-kyung offered to lease the Far East from Russia

In South Korea, they were going to rent the Far East from Russia

Photo: Viktor Satanovsky / RIA Novosti

The presidential candidate of the Republic of Korea, Ho Yong-kyung, said that if he wins the elections, he will offer to rent territories in the Far East from Russia. The head of the Party of Revolutionary Dividends told TASS about this.

The South Korean politician explained that he was talking about Sakhalin, Amur, Khabarovsk, Magadan, Kamchatka and Chukotka, where, according to him, many Koreans live. He noted that these territories should be taken on a long-term lease to create a belt of economic development in the Busan-Vladivostok direction.

In addition, Ho Yong-kyung said that in these areas, which are several times larger than the territory of South Korea, it will be possible to produce agricultural products, including soybeans and wheat, which will help strengthen relations between Russia and the Republic of Korea. The politician also announced the possibility of building a nuclear power plant in the region, which would supply the Korean Peninsula. The presidential candidate added that if Korea develops the eastern part of the country, then Russia will receive profits and economic advantages, and the Far East will turn into a developed, vital region.

Earlier, Russian presidential envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev said that in 2021, sales of Russian fish to China fell by 67 percent compared to previous years. The official explained the situation by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy and the economy of the Far East. At the same time, he believes that the optimal solution has been found as a result. This is a quota-for-investment mechanism, which led to the construction of fish processing plants in the country, so that the fish was supplied to other regions and to Europe.

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