In Spain, due to low tide, a ghost village appeared (video)

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A ghost village appeared in Spain because of the low tide (video)

The village once had a population of about 120 people.

Level The Lima River subsided and the contours of the flooded Spanish village of Aceredo appeared, which was submerged in 1992 after the closure of the locks.

The Daily Mail writes about this.

In the late 60s between An agreement was concluded between Spain and Portugal for the common use of water from the Lima River for the construction of the dam. As part of the agreement, it was planned to flood four villages, and local residents were to move to other places.

The village was under water for 30 years, but when the water leaves, old pastures with stone hedges, roads and paths, old cars and personal belongings of residents. The village was once home to about 120 people.

Recall that in Japan one by one boats filled with dead people join different cities .

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