In Svatovoe, the Russians replaced infrastructure facilities, and in Kadievka they destroy important documents


In Svatovoe Russians were replacing infrastructure facilities, and in Kadiyivka they are destroying important documents

Due to the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front, militants in the Luhansk region began to fuss. In Svatovo, they called on the population to evacuate, but people must do it on their own.

Syarhei Gaidai, chairman of the OVA, spoke about the situation in the occupied Luhansk region. Russian proteges are panicking there.

Russians are getting ready to flee their fake republic

Probably realizing the inconvenience for a long defense landscape of the area, the Russians decided to remove the main medical and social institutions from Svatovoe – first of all – said Gaidai.

The main infrastructure facilities, buildings and territories in the city were already replaced by the Russians.

Where is Svatovo/Deep State Map

In Kadiivka, the occupying authorities were ordered to destroy archives and copies of documents. They especially talk about those that contain the history of the occupation.

Where is Kadievka/Deep State Map? regions

On October 5, Gaidai said that now it is possible to officially speak about the beginning of the de-occupation of the Lugansk region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing, and the Russians will massively mine everything. Therefore, local residents are not allowed to return home.

Subsequently, the head of the OVA said that our military had already dismissed 6 settlements in the region. He decided not to specify which ones to the official report of the General Staff. So far, it is known that the Ukrainian flag flew in Grekovka and Makiivka.

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