In Tanzania, 15 people die from unknown infection

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In Tanzania, 15 people die from unknown infection

In Tanzania, 15 people have died from an unknown illness, and more than 50 citizens have been hospitalized in medical facilities. This is reported by Anadolu Agency with reference to representatives of the country's health care system.

The infection has been reported to cause vomiting of blood in infected people.

– The disease is not yet widespread, the outbreak occurred in only one administrative district. People vomited blood and they died, in particular, due to the fact that they were delayed in going to the doctors, ”said Felista Kisandu, chief physician of Chunya district.

The expert also added that a group of medical experts has already been sent to the area to assess the situation and give an opinion on the condition of the patients for further investigation of the causes of the disease. In addition, the patients' blood will be sent to laboratories to check for possible traces of mercury.

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