In the Belgorod region “white nights”: oil depot flared up powerfully


White nights in the Belgorod region: oil depot caught fire

In the Russian city of Borisovka, located in the Belgorod region, the night of February 4 turned out to be restless. This is because Bavovnyatko came there, who likes to play in the warehouses and oil depots of the occupiers.

As the Russian media write, the oil depot caught fire there at night, the fire overturned on the tanks.

Firefighters and emergency crews have already left for the scene. The telegram says that the flame, 50 meters high, can be seen for many kilometers.

Local Belgorod telegram channels report an explosion at the BZMMK plant in the Borisov district. They inform about the arrival at the oil depot.

What a coincidence! The network claims that the plant itself, on the territory of which the shells hit, produced metal structures for the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

Powerful fire near Belgorod: watch the video

Meanwhile, the Russians are outraged in the comments. Like, where is their “powerful” air defense. Well, the answer is obvious – Russian air defense protects the bunker dictator and the Kremlin. Recently, the Pantsir-S1 air defense system appeared already in the Novgorod region near Putin's residence in the village of Yascherovo, Valdai district.

Kremlin air defense hysteria: the main thing

The Kremlin continues its air defense hysteria. Moscow has already installed at least 3 air defense systems on the roofs of administrative buildings, namely:

  • Ministry of Defense on Frunzenskaya Embankment;
  • Administrative building in Teterinsky Lane;
  • The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Petrovka, 38

All of them block the decision-making center of infidels, namely the Kremlin. Also in the zone of their action is a significant part of the capital of the terrorist country. Western media believe that in Russia they may be frightened by the work of drones, due to the activity of which “cotton” visited Saratov and Ryazan.

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