In the capital of Denmark, a young man shot the visitors of the mall: the police suspect a terrorist attack

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In the capital of Denmark, a young man shot at a shopping center: police suspect a terrorist attack

Police officers arrested a 22-year-old Dane who fired at a shopping center in Copenhagen.

On Sunday, July 3, three people were killed and several others were injured during a shooting at the Fields multi-storey shopping center in Copenhagen, which is considered one of the largest in Denmark. The police have detained a possible shooter and do not rule out that it was a terrorist attack.

This is reported by Reuters.

Shots in the shopping center caused panic among buyers. One of the eyewitnesses saw a hunting rifle in the hands of the shooter.

On the footage published on the web from the scene, frightened people can be seen running out of the shopping center. Three patrons were killed on the spot and several others were shot.

Shortly after the shooting, a large number of law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, and a helicopter circled over the building. The police urged residents to avoid the area of ​​the incident, and eyewitnesses to contact law enforcement agencies.

The main hospital of Copenhagen accepted a small group of patients for treatment, the exact number of victims was not reported.

Law enforcement officers detained the suspected shooter – 22 year old man. Investigators noted that his motives are still unknown, but they do not rule out a terrorist act.

Shortly after the shooting, the Royal Palace of Denmark announced the cancellation of the appointment of Crown Prince Frederik, associated with the Tour de France, the first three stages of which took place in Denmark this year.

Recall that as a result of shooting on Saturday night in Oslo, two people were killed and 14 were injured.

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