In the Chernihiv region, a family exploded on a Russian anti-tank mini


A family in Chernihiv region exploded on a Russian anti-tank mini

Ukrainian car exploded on an enemy mine/Chernihiv regional prosecutor's office

Law enforcers have already launched a criminal case under the article on violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder.

The Russians left the anti-tank mine

According to the investigation, the Russian invaders left an explosive device near the village of Priputni, that in the Prilutsk region. This is a gross violation of the requirements of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons.

Parents died, children are in serious condition

On the evening of April 1, the family of a medical care worker was returning from the Bezborotkov farm to the village of Priputni. Before reaching the pontoon crossing, their car was blown up by an anti-tank mine.

Unfortunately, the parents received injuries that were incompatible with life. Their children, aged 26 and 13 years, are now in intensive care. Doctors assess their condition as serious.

In the Chernihiv region, a family exploded on a Russian anti-tank mini

There were 4 people in the car – parents and children/Photo by the regional prosecutor's office< /em>

The Russians have mined many roads in the region

The day before, the OVA warned that the Russians had mined many roads and destroyed bridges in the Chernihiv region. Therefore, local residents are asked not to return home yet. Our defenders, engineers and sappers must first clear mines. Zelensky, talking about how the invaders retreated from the North, stressed that there was a complete disaster after them.

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