In the East, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict losses on the enemy, despite its predominance: the Ministry of Defense explained why


In the East, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict losses on the enemy, despite its predominance: the Ministry of Defense explained why

Malyar about the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Collage of Channel 24

The situation in the East of Ukraine is still very difficult. There, the enemy is trying to seize the entire territory and reach the borders of the Luhansk region. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are courageously fighting and inflicting losses on the occupiers.

Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar noted during the telethon that Russian troops are now moving step by step. If at first they wanted to capture Kyiv immediately, now they set goals differently.

“Their minimum task is the geographical borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions,” she believes.

According to her, it is now in the Donbass that decisive battles are being fought. The enemy has concentrated its powerful troops there, they are throwing all their forces and means, trying to encircle Ukrainian troops.

At the same time, our Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying not to allow, actively stop them and inflict serious losses on the Russian army, – Malyar explained.

According to her, in this situation, you need to understand two things:

  • firstly, the situation changes dynamically every half an hour,
  • secondly, unfortunately , the enemy has a weapon advantage there.

So we try to use our other advantages. Indeed, despite the fact that the Russians are superior in terms of the number of weapons and personnel, our army is superior in professionalism and motivation. Maliar said.

The Deputy Minister has no doubts that victory will be ours. In addition, we are on our own land, this also supports it.

“Also, our army is intellectual, we have been trying to achieve NATO standards over the 8 years of the war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved more standards in many positions than some countries that are already members of NATO. For 2022, we planned 26 international exercises. Therefore, our Armed Forces are very professional,” she said.

According to Malyar, now there is actually a battle of professionalism against a large number of weapons and advantages in personnel.

What is the situation at the front: latest news

  • During the day, June 21, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated 130 Russian invaders and a lot of enemy equipment. The enemy army suffered more losses in the Slavic, Bakhmut, and Avdeevsky directions. In total, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already destroyed more than 34,000 invaders.
  • Russian fighters are creating conditions for the resumption of the attack on Slavyansk. To do this, they opened fire from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of the Ukrainian military near Novaya Dmitrovka, Osinovka, Kurulka, Ivanovka and Adamovka.
  • Our defenders repelled the invaders’ assault on the Uglegorsk TPP and the attack on Molodezhnoye and Yekaterinovka.
  • At the same time, mobilization military exercises near the border with Ukraine started in neighboring Belarus.

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