In the Kharkiv region, 15 fires occurred due to shelling: houses, warehouses, cars and shops burned


15 fires broke out in Kharkiv region due to shelling: houses, warehouses, cars and shops were on fire

Fires in Kharkiv region/State Emergency Service

There were 15 fires in Kharkiv region during the day on April 4 due to enemy shelling. Residential buildings, cars, warehouses and shops were burning.

Rescuers not only put out fires, but also sorted out the rubble. Unfortunately, there they found the bodies of the dead and injured. This was reported in the State Emergency Service of the Kharkiv region on April 5 in the morning.

Thus, rescuers went to extinguish fires caused by shelling of residential high-rise buildings, private houses, service stations, garages and cars, warehouse buildings, trade and catering facilities, – the message says.

The fire occurred in the following areas of Kharkov:

  • Kiev – 5;
  • Moskovsky – 2;
  • Shevchenkovsky – 2;
  • Nemyshlinsky – 1;
  • Industrial – 1;
  • Kholodnogorsk – 1;
  • as well as in the Izyum (2) and Kharkov (1) districts of the region.

From under the rubble, the State Emergency Service rescued one victim and pulled out the bodies of 3 dead.

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