In the Kharkiv region, a mother with many children searched for her children for six months: they were found together with their father

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На Харьковщине многодетная мать полгода искала своих детей: их нашли вместе с отцом

The police found three children, whom their own mother had been looking for for almost six months. Since September, they have been put on the state wanted list.

The incident occurred in the Kharkiv region. A 34-year-old woman raised two sons and a daughter with her husband, but because of constant scandals, he moved to Kiev.

According to the investigation, since then the children’s father did not want them to live with their mother. At the end of August, he came home and took all three children with him without warning his wife.

The woman contacted the police only in September. Since then, two 13-year-old boys and their three-year-old sister have been wanted.

Thanks to the joint actions of law enforcement officers, the children were found together with their father: they lived in a house in the Kiev region and were deprived of communication with their mother.

The father of many children gave all the explanations to the investigators, but the man did not know that they were wanted. With whom the children will live, parents will be helped to decide by representatives of social services.

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