In the Kharkiv region, border guards detained two agents of the Kremlin


In Kharkiv region border guards detained two Kremlin agents

The State Border Service detained two Kremlin agents/Radio Liberty

Men who worked for the aggressor country were exposed by border guards as part of anti-sabotage measures, because Russia is actively using the tactics of the DRG.

Cases of sabotage and recruitment

Thus, at one of the checkpoints, the border guards detained a man who was trying to photograph the positions of the Defense Forces. Subsequently, in the collaborator's mobile phone, they found a history of correspondence with a Russian curator, who determined the task of transferring the coordinates of the units and duty stations of the defenders of Ukraine.

Now, instead of remuneration from the curators, a punishment in the form of imprisonment awaits.

The State Border Service also said that in one of the settlements of the Kharkiv region, servicemen detained a Russian citizen. He tried to recruit the local population to join the armed forces of the aggressor country.

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