In the Kharkiv region, the Russians tortured the Atomic Forces: they made a wall of shame and a map with plans in the basement


In the Kharkiv region, Russians tortured ATO soldiers: they made a wall of shame and a map with plans in the basement< /p>

Russian monsters tortured military and civilian residents in the occupied territories of Kharkiv region. ATO participant who survived this terror spoke about torture. The invaders broke two of his ribs and shocked him through the genitals.

Channel 24 was told about this by correspondent Anna Chernenko. She told the story of a former ATO participant who ended up in a dungeon in Cossack Lopan on March 22. He gained strength and walked through the places where he was terrorized by the Russian occupiers. The husband admits that he needs to communicate with the press, because it helps to forget about all this horror.

“I wanted to break my head because I could not stand the torture”

According to him, Russian infidels had detailed lists of local ATO participants . They had literally all the data – right down to where someone was now. Many of the information was “leaked” by local collaborators.

On March 22, Russians ran with machine guns into the apartment of their first wife, where the man was with his daughter. the occupiers put a jacket over his head, took away his passport and took him to the dungeons. The Russians caught not only hermits, but also civilians.

The husband himself had two years out of service. He settled in one of the local factories. Kafirs brutally tortured him, and after a while forced him to speak on camera for Russian television . He was supposed to call on the Ukrainian army to lay down their arms. Before that, there were days of hellish torture.

The man had an inguinal hernia – he asked the infidels not to beat him down the stomach. However, the Russian monsters thought of shocking him because of his genitals. The man tried to smash his head in order to lose consciousness and not feel this pain.

Psychological questions were asked. Like when I went to the ATO. I did not have time to answer – I was shocked. They asked when the first daughter was born. They had it all in their papers. I don't know why they did it. This all went on until I started to burn everything there. They also poured water on me so that the current would flow better,” the victim recalls.

After several weeks in different dungeons, the man was thrown out into the street. With broken ribs, he walked to his own village, and along the way he dragged a local who could not walk because of his beaten legs. Now the man has heart problems , but he is ready to join the army – he wants to show that he was not broken.

In every locality were shy

As Anna Chernenko notes, in almost every localitywhere the infidels were located, there were offices or basements where people were tortured. They tried to knock out the evidence they needed from them.

In one of the buildings where the infidels were located, they generally wrote how many settlements they managed to pass. And the ultimate goal should be Kharkov. But now they either rot in Ukrainian soil, or have disappeared in disgrace.

The “Wall of Glory” of Russian infidels/Photo Anna Chernenko

Nearby, they wrote the call signs of the military from their unit, who became deserters. A total of 15 people escaped from the unit. The photo shows only 9.

The “wall of shame” of the invaders/Photo by Anna Chernenko

As Anna Chernenko notes, now the Ukrainian law enforcement officers are actively working in the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region. They have already exposed the so-called “head of the occupation police” Cossack Lopan, who managed to escape. He was put on the wanted list and was already informed of suspicion in absentia.

The SBU conducts checks, identifies people who could cooperate with the occupiers. A lot of work is going on. In particular, a representative of the “people's militia” was detained in Izyum. This person will answer before the court, – Anna Chernenko emphasized.

Recall that Ukraine has completed the exhumation of bodies at the mass grave site in Izyum. Specialists seized the bodies of 447 dead. Russian monsters killed 215 civilian women, 194 men, 5 children. The remains of 22 soldiers were also found there. The bodies of 11 more people have not yet been identified.

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