In the Kherson region, the Russians provoked an energy crisis: they destroyed solar panels and windmills


In the Kherson region, the Russians provoked an energy crisis: they destroyed solar panels and windmills

Russians destroy windmills and solar panels in the occupied Kherson region/Channel 24 collage

In the captured Kherson region, the Russian military provoked an energy crisis. They destroyed the green energy of the region, which began to develop rapidly before the war.

What destruction did the Russians inflict on the green energy of the Kherson region

As of the end of May, most of the solar and wind power plants in the Kherson region have been damaged as a result of hostilities. Or they were stopped for an indefinite period.

The Sivashenergoprom enterprise, which built the region's largest wind farm on the banks of the Sivash, suffered greatly. It consisted of 63 giant windmills with a total capacity of 250 megawatts.

Andrey Nemchina, the operational director of the enterprise, said that on the very first day of active hostilities, the occupiers smashed one of the turbines with a direct hit from a projectile. The transformer substation was also damaged, and the security guard was hospitalized with a shrapnel wound to his hand. Therefore, VET had to be stopped and the personnel evacuated. Since that time, the station has not been operating.

Note that this project was expensive. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as private foreign investors, invested in it.

The Windcraft-Chaplinka wind farm, which is part of the Windcraft-Ukraine wind farm of 140 megawatts, is also not working now. About 60 million euros were invested in the construction of this wind farm.

VET was plundered by marauders

According to the head of the Sivash territorial community, Sergei Klishchevsky, “Sivashenergoprom” was visited by looters. They plundered the administrative building.

Invaders smashed solar panels

Dozens of solar power plants in the Kherson region were also destroyed. The occupiers broke the panels during shelling or stole them. So far, the extent of the losses cannot be calculated. This will be done after the war.

Why green energy was developed in the Kherson region

The region was considered as an ideal platform for using renewable energy sources. This is because there are a lot of sunny days in the Kherson region throughout the year. Wind speed in Prisyvash reaches 13.5 meters per second. Therefore, the wings of windmills practically do not stop.

Pay attention! Now the Russian invaders are blocking the exits from Kherson. They do not allow local residents to leave for the territory controlled by Ukraine. People have only one way – to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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