In the Kiev region pokes bad weather: rescuers warn of a lingering thunderstorm


On Bad weather vanishes the Kiev region: rescuers warn of a lingering thunderstorm

Storm warning in the Kyiv region/Public


Short-term rains are also predicted in Kyiv on August 2 (at night in places). During a thunderstorm, experts remind you to tightly close windows in houses, on the street – to stay away from trees, advertising structures, power lines and other supports.

Attention residents of the Kyiv region! In the near future with maintenance until the end of the day – a thunderstorm (And the level of danger), – the message says.

The Kyiv City State Administration noted that due to the forecast, the Kyivavtodor hydraulic service is working in an enhanced mode

< p> In particular, the road service additionally cleans storm water wells and gratings of storm drains in places of possible flooding. Before the start of precipitation in problem areas, road workers are on duty with special equipment.

In total, Kyivavtodor enterprises have 91 units of special equipment and special equipment for repairing and cleaning the storm sewer system.

In case of flooding on the roadway or sidewalks Public utilities ask the people of Kiev to contact the dispatching company by phone: 044-284-74-19.

By the way, in early July, a powerful thunderstorm already covered the Kiev region. In addition to rain with lightning, residents and guests of the capital suffered from hail.

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