In the Kursk region, they complain because of “cars with Ukrainian numbers”


In the Kursk region, they complain because of

The Russians said that a car with Ukrainian numbers allegedly drives around in the Kursk region. Everything would be fine, but the Russians claim that 5 armed men are sitting in it.

Russian media reported that a plan to “intercept” was announced in the Kursk region. Police officers are looking for a pickup truck with Ukrainian numbers, in which armed men are sitting. Channel 24 writes about this.

What's happening

On March 16, the local police departments of the Kursk region received a message that a pickup truck in Ukrainian numbers with armed men inside was allegedly moving from the Bryansk region in the direction of Kursk.

According to the orientation received by the local police departments, five armed men may be in the car. According to preliminary data, the car was driving from the direction of the Bryansk region and was last seen in the Oryol region near the village of Domakha, the report says.

Probably, this could be another Russian provocation, because the Kremlin loves to invent fairy tales about the “evil Ukrainian DRG.” The main thing is to scare as many Russians as possible so that they quickly carry their legs to the draft board.

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