In the Kyiv OVA they told what will happen to the pupils and employees of the kindergarten, on which the helicopter fell


Kyiv OVA told what will happen to pupils and employees of the kindergarten on which the helicopter fell

On the morning of January 18, a terrible plane crash occurred in Brovary. A helicopter crashed near the kindergarten, where the top leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was located.

Head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksiy Kuleba spoke on the air of the national telethon what is happening at the site of the tragedy in Brovary. Channel 24 reports this.

What is happening at the crash site in Brovary

He noted that since the morning of January 19, utility services have been working at the crash site. A large number of workers were involved, who, with the permission of the investigators, clean up the place of events.

The examination of the destruction continues, we are talking about the kindergarten and the house adjacent to it. All damage will begin to be repaired from today, Kuleba noted, speaking about the building adjacent to the garden.

As for the kindergarten itself, the situation is much more complicated. According to the head of the Kyiv OV, this year the educational institution will not work. Until the end of this week, children are on distance learning. Next week, the issue with parents will be resolved, in which kindergartens their children will be transferred.

Educators will also remain at work, while remotely with pay, Kuleba specified.

Today Brovary administration will decide on the allocation of material assistance. It is planned to allocate 200 thousand hryvnias to the families of the victims. Educators will also be given a separate bonus,” Kuleba said.

State Emergency Service helicopter crashed in Brovary: the main thing

  • A terrible incident occurred on the morning of 18 January. According to local authorities, the helicopter floated near the kindergarten around 08:10. This happened when there were 73 children in the preschool.
  • As a result of the helicopter crash, a total of 14 people died, including 1 child.
  • Everyone who was in the helicopter also died. In particular, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky, his first deputy Yevgeny Yenin, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuri Lubkovich and others.
  • Russian propaganda immediately began to spread false versions about the downing of a helicopter by its own air defense or low-quality equipment purchased in 2018 in France.
  • A child born in 2017 died as a result of the disaster. Due to the helicopter crash, she received injuries incompatible with life.

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